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The Top Suite.AI initiative selects a series of small and mid-sized businesses to enhance their digital acumen, transforming them into prosperous and visionary enterprises for the future. Submit your business now to participate.


Elevating Business Digital Intelligence, Crafting the Enterprises of Tomorrow


Submit your business and receive a complimentary consultation and qualification to join. Enrollment is dependent upon qualification.


  • Inefficient and costly operations
  • Low revenue
  • High error margins
  • Poor customer experiences
  • Outdated manual processes and systems
  • Sluggish growth
  • Low market share

These challenges hinder growth and profitability. Join us for a transformative challenge that will redefine your business' success and lead you to start 2024 at top heights.


At Top Suite.AI, we understand that each business is unique, and our program is meticulously designed to cater to various sectors and specifically the following.

  • Law Practices
  • Medical Practices
  • Financial Services
  • Private Clubs
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Various Professional Services
  • SMB Manufacturing


Envision a team of highly skilled digital transformation leaders and practitioners collaborating with you to reinvent your business, propelling it into the realm of digital economy excellence.

Furthermore, picture them diligently promoting your enterprise, gaining substantial traction to secure more lucrative deals, new clients and positioning you at the vanguard of your industry. How about being nominated and acclaimed for achieving your new milestones with some prestigious awards? As a result, your business not only thrives but experiences unprecedented growth, surging at an astounding rate of up to 350%.

But hold on, there's even more to this remarkable journey. Beyond these accomplishments, as your business evolves into a digital powerhouse, you ascend to the illustrious "Top Suite." Here, you engage with fellow astute business owners, trailblazers, and digital transformation elites.

In this exclusive space, where innovation, business advancement, and sustainability are paramount, you and your team thrive by staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and strategies, ensuring your continued prominence in your sector. The "Top Suite" program offers all this and more, transforming its participants into true Top Suiters.

And the story doesn't end there. Top Suiters continuously reap the benefits of exclusive offers and partnerships from our esteemed associates, sponsors, and fellow Top Suiters. Join us on this journey where business innovation and digital intelligence reign supreme.


We elevate your business on to harness the utmost benefits of digital intelligence with Top Suite. Here are some of the returns on investment you can anticipate.

Outstanding customer experience that converts clients as advocates

Increased operational efficiency, reduced costs and delivery time while boosting productivity

Expanded customer base, increased customer spending and new revenue streams

A digitally enabled organization that is innovative, agile, productive and engaged

Overall sustainability, continuous growth and increased ROI

Awards, industry recognition, increased market share, and digital domination



Future-Ready Business: We develop and implement a clear digital vision that empowers your business to thrive in the digital economy.


Business Efficiency & Productivity: Streamline your operations by embracing digital automation, process optimization and reducing errors.


Enhanced Customer and Employee Experience: Deliver exceptional customer experiences, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Business Growth & Increase ROI: Grow your customer base, increase market share and ROI, and position your business as a leader in your industry.


Recognition & Rewards: Participate in our Top Suite Awards and gain recognition, publicity, and exclusive gifts for your digital transformation success.



Ready to ascend to the top?

We assess your digital maturity and readiness for holistic digital transformation implementation, ensuring a seamless journey ahead.



Let's optimize your digital strategy: vision, business model, processes, data, organization, and technology.

We equip your business with powerful wings that drive strategic growth and innovation.



Full power is deployed to enhance your business's digital proficiency and efficiency.

At our cruising altitude, in partnership with our implementation teams, we maximize your business's digital efficiency, balancing detailed focus with broader vision.



Embracing your new business identity and daily business lifestyle.

We foster a new business identity through leadership coaching and organizational transformation, culminating with your digital transformation metrics and business evolution monitoring system.



Awards ceremony & Top Suiter membership for continuous innovation

You did it! Now time to count and enjoy the rewards.


The Top Suite.AI program is by Marie Nadia Vincent, an internationally acclaimed Executive Management Consultant and MIT SLOAN Certified Advisor, renowned for her global career in spearheading digital transformation initiatives.

Collaborating closely with a team of accomplished professionals and an extensive network of partner organizations, they collectively work their magic to create a transformative experience for Top Suite participants. Nadia Vincent brings her unparalleled expertise to drive your success, consistently ranking among the top 10 global thought leaders in digital transformation and innovation, AI, business continuity, and many more.

With over two decades of international experience leading and implementing digital transformation across organizations of various sizes and sectors, as well as coaching executives in smaller businesses, her impact is profound.

Nadia has graced the stages and platforms of esteemed technology industry leaders, including Microsoft, SAP, PMI, Engati, and even the US Air Force, as a guest speaker and influential figure.

In synergy with her dedicated partners, proficient professionals, and visionary organizations, they constitute a forward-thinking collective committed to reshaping the business landscape for the fortunate "Top Suiters" who join this transformative journey.


M. Nadia Vincent, MBA

CEO - Digital Transformation Leadership, Innovation & AI

A digital Transformation leadership pioneer Nadia is the founder and CEO of Digital Transformation Leaders and a Top 10 Global Thought Leader in digital transformation with over 20 years of hands-on experience leading and contributing to key initiatives for organizations from Fortune 100 to SMBs globally. An MIT SLOAN certified Executive Advisor and the creator of Top Suite, Nadia stands at the forefront of digital transformation and business reinvention, bringing together our outstanding team to transform businesses to succeed in the digital economy.

Kevin L. Jackson

Chief Technology Blockchain & Cloud & Cybersecurity

Kevin L. Jackson is a globally recognized pioneer and thought leader in technology, a top influencer in 5G, Blockchain, Cloud and digital transformation. Kevin leverages his rich background from roles at J.P. Morgan Chase, IBM, and SAIC, and has contributed to digital projects for NATO and the US Intelligence Community beyond many other clients. An alumni from Naval Postgraduate School and the Naval War College.

Kevin offers Top Suite Clients cutting-edge, reliable technology infrastructure solutions, leveraging the latest in blockchain, 5G, Data, cybersecurity and cloud technologies.

Dennis Wakabayashi

Chief Customer Experience

Dennis Wakabayashi is an expert in developing customer experience strategies, boasting a 30-year career in marketing and working with top brands such as FedEx and McDonald’s through his distinctive 3R-4E strategy. Acknowledged as a leading voice in the CX landscape, he has earned a spot among 2023's top CX influencers and brand ambassadors. Dennis is revolutionizing customer experience for Top Suite clients, cultivating intelligent businesses that not only retain customers but increase their customer base and turn them into advocates.

Alma Kondili

Chief Digital Transformation & AI

A Digital Transformation Trailblazer with over 15 years of expertise mainly in the Financial Services both for Fortune organizations and Start-Up sectors. Alma specializes in orchestrating organizational change, optimizing operations, implementing artificial intelligence, data-driven solutions, and enhancing customer and employee experiences. Adept in implementing Agile methodologies, her commitment to continuous improvement and passion for driving digital maturity positions her to execute strategic initiatives that unlock revenue streams and elevate operational efficiency for Top Suite clients.

Simon Lackovic

Chief Technology Blockchain & Cloud

Simon is a great associate in enhancing online visibility. Leveraging a trifecta of design, development, and marketing expertise, Simon crafts digital spaces that resonate.

With a portfolio boasting many successful Adobe XD/WordPress projects, he approaches each task with a creative yet analytical lens, ensuring that brands not only look good but perform exceptionally. He collaborates closely with our marketing team members, offering fresh perspectives to amplify brand’s presence. Simon offers a vibrant, technically adept, and strategy-driven approach to digital visibility.

Tara Cousin, MBA

Chief Operational Excellence

Tara Cousin leverages over 15 years of operations leadership in digital transformation and process enhancement initiatives. With a track record that boasts roles at powerhouse organizations including Raytheon, Deloitte Consulting, General Electric and SAP, she offers a rich history of managing complex projects that span an impressive range of industries such as retail, supply-chain, high-tech, aerospace and defense. Tara ensures Top Suite clients enjoy stellar operational reinvention through targeted digital transformation initiatives for specific business needs and fostering further success.


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Submit your business and receive a complimentary consultation and qualification to join. Enrollment is dependent upon qualification. Hurry, as the access to this opportunity closes on October 15th, 2023